Octavian Mihai

New York based entrepreneur, business & marketing advisor, advertising agency CEO.

About me

I was born in Europe, grew up in Canada and I’m currently living in New York. I spend my time managing an ad agency, investing, consulting and making music. I built multiple products and companies and I’m pretty passionate about the impact of technology on society.

After dabbling in astrophysics and philosophy, I ended up graduating with degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science from McGill University. 

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Professional interests

I spent most of my professional career working in marketing and advertising. I held executive roles at McCann, Grey and Ogilvy, among others. Currently, I’m the CEO and partner of an independent ad agency. 

Throughout my career of over 20 years, I’ve participated in the transformation of advertising. My hundreds of clients spanned from P&G brands to Playboy, financial institutions and restaurants chains. In the process, my teams and clients received hundreds of awards and recognitions. 

I believe that smart creative and data driven programs can transform and grow most brands. I’m training my teams to distinguish fads from trends and stay focused on optimizing results. 

Here are a couple things I’m currently advising on. 

Consulting Services

Business Transformation

My work here is pretty exhaustive and covers anything from audits to the implementation of programs that help transform and accelerate business growth and increase performance.

Marketing & Sales

Besides the standard creative advertising, my focus here is on the conversion funnel, acquisition costs, customer lifetime value and omni-channel strategies.


Technology has always been a passion of mine, and I’m regularly involved as investor and creator of various solutions and products. My focus here is on products that optimize existing processes and improve business results.